Portraits created of adults, children or pets.


Acrylic portraits are created using a modern, unique style, in black and white, with some features in colour.

Portraits from photographs of specific subjects may be requested.

See ACRYLIC GALLERYS to view portraits currently for sale.

                                   PASTEL /  PENCIL PORTRAITS

Portraits are created on paper using soft pastels or graphite pencils from your favourite photographs.

Subjects from different  photographs may be combined into one portrait.

Modifications to clothing, hairstyles, etc. can be made to your specifications.

The quality of the the portrait is directly related to the quality of the photograph(s) from which it is created.

It is better to provide as many photographs as available to get a more complete view of the subject's features.

See PASTEL GALLERY to view portraits currently for sale.

Mirror Image Portraits
Mirror Image Portraits